Hannah Wilkins

Hannah Wilkins

​Hannah is Team Viper’s social media tactical expert. She’s a raw talent, capable of generating thousands of engagements and connections for our clients’ campaigns. Her claim to fame is her YouTube channel which has received over 28 million visits.

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“I double business and English language at A level and many interests such as: travelling, photography, art and design, cooking, beauty, music, running and playing tennis, fitness, fashion, social networking, celebrity culture, global culture and digital media.

I have a passion for social media and marketing and I love social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and I have gained over 28 million views on YouTube. Amongst other clients I am currently working for Cambridge Marketing College which is one of the biggest marketing colleges in the world; they have given me several projects to complete. I’ve also been a JuicePlus+ distributor and I feel passionate about helping others and making the world a healthier place in general.”