Winning ways with Viper

Winning ways with Viper

​We’re often asked how we win work and how that would extend to support a franchisee. This is our model.

Step 1. We follow our own guidance by setting targets, defining our target audiences, creating content and choosing the appropriate media to deliver it. This is our first step with franchisees.

Step 2. The Awareness Stage.

This is our broadcast phase; it consists of speaking at conferences (to the right audience), delivering taster sessions, providing articles, Twitter and ensuring our SEO is spot on. All these elements are designed to get people to look at our website and then contact us.

Step 3. The Conversion Stage.

This is how we convert prospects into loyal clients and friends. It generally involves a face-to-face meeting over coffee. We also ensure we have relevant content on our website that we can send them. We’ve built the website so it is adaptable to the audience - through a simple search we can send them our rural based public sector work written by one author or our strategic content that relates to the private sector authored by another person.

Step 4. The Retention Stage.

We connect with all our clients via social media, add them to our segregated enewsletter list and keep in touch with our key partners regularly so we’re always front of mind. This is also the stage where our role with Business West, Growth Accelerator and Superfast broadband initiatives works. We’ve used the first two stages to develop valued connections with individuals in these organisations.

It’s a simple and robust plan that has been the foundation of Viper’s success over the years. This could all be happening for you as a Viper franchise.