ViperStrat is 10 Years Old

ViperStrat is 10 Years Old

​Imagine being able to see a view of your entire business development, sales, clients and performance, month on month, year on year, since your company was formed. This is the benefit Viper Marketing has enjoyed since creating ViperStrat; our eye on our world.

Viper Strategy Spreadsheet, ViperStrat for short, is a simple, no-cost, non-macro, spreadsheet that helps us to log prospects and clients, project by project, retainer by retainer and month by month. Very quickly this builds into an essential business planning tool.

The calculations performed in the background show us our sales pipeline, likelihood of conversion for each project, actual tally, potential tally and importantly as we look back year on year, a breakdown of the different types of project and how this evolves over time.

Taking snapshots of your business performance in a single month or year is just that, a snapshot. A process or spreadsheet like ViperStrat allows you to spot trends which can inform better decision making, open up new opportunities for growth and importantly, understand exactly where your sales will come from, by project type and client.

There are many high level business forecasting and performance monitoring systems on the market and we are not saying these are better than ViperStrat. It’s just that we love the simplicity, focus and interactivity of our simple spreadsheet that will remain at the centre of our business for the next decade and beyond.

Perhaps we can talk to you about creating something similar for your business.