Viper Marketing How To Create A Podcast Service

Viper Marketing How To Create A Podcast Service

​Podcasts are THE big thing in digital marketing this year and all the signs are they are only going to get bigger and more important to you and your customers.

Google is quietly increasing the importance of audio content and will soon likely be rewarding those who are publishing audio blogs and podcasts.

Your customers are becoming more and more time poor and instead of spending time watching videos, are increasingly listening to podcasts when commuting, working or in rare bursts of downtime.

This is your chance to position yourself as current, relevant and informed and grasp the podcast opportunity before your competitors do.

Podcasts can be simple and easy to record and share if you know how. Their breadth and reach can astound you as they sit on some of the world’s busiest digital platforms like iTunes. And the only cost to your business for running a podcast is your time and ideas.

Viper’s Neil Wilkins has been running a podcast on iTunes since the beginning of the year and has already seen new clients, increased engagement and a boost to his online presence, with a low impact on his day to day resources.

This is your chance to work with us to help you set up, create and publish your first podcast(s). We can create your podcast strategy with you and then you run with it, we hold your hand, or you could even outsource the entire thing to us.

Either way, we are confident your digital content strategy will never look back.

Get in touch to have an initial chat about the opportunity.