Taking The Risk Out of a Marketing Consultancy Franchise

Taking The Risk Out of a Marketing Consultancy Franchise

We are often asked how hard it will be to build business in the first year of a Viper Marketing Franchise and so we have created a Year 1 Revenue equation to get you started at full pace.

We have three building blocks. One is reaping the benefits of your contacts in an industry you already know. The second building block focuses on an area of personal interest to you. If you are focused on a special interest you are most likely to be fired up every day because of the excitement of working with great people on great projects that really make a difference. The third block is one in which Viper is highly experienced and that is Training and Development. We have a host of opportunities and connections we can open up to you to create the perfect portfolio of mentoring, coaching, training and development, in clients and learning organisations.

Block 1 - Your Industry

Your tier 1 connections and your previous employers can be a great starting point for kick starting your new business. We will work with you to evolve your digital profile into a highly powered and fully-resourced marketing and communications consultant with the full backing of Viper behind you. Becoming the industry expert in our growing network will mean you are the ‘go to’ consultant as other licensees identify opportunities that you can service and to which you can offer your expertise. There’s nothing like being the expert. Which industries will be your starting point?

Block 2 - Your Special Interest

It is very likely we will already have case studies and clients in areas where you’ve always wanted to work. Viper is a lifestyle business that you shape to work in harmony with your financial and personal ambitions. From eco to law, music to financial services, we have case studies we can use to fuel your relevance and value to prospective clients in your special interest sector. Every day you’ll be working with people and clients who energise you on projects that really make a difference. How good will that feel?

Block 3 - Training and Development

A quick win can be taking over some of our existing clients and/or their affiliates and partner organisations. We are well connected in colleges and clients who have a need for marketing and communications, learning and development, internal communications and business change. You can consult, coach, mentor and train. We can do this hand in hand, or where you have specialist skills or experience, you can run at full speed from day one. What do you fancy doing? You can create a portfolio of coaching, mentoring, training and development that matches your personal style and desire to work with people in public, in teams or one to one. What will be your perfect portfolio?

A great way of ensuring that your business is up and running from day one is to begin to build your business before you go live.

If you are serious about taking a Viper Marketing Franchise license start thinking right now about the three blocks and what you’d like to do. This approach will form part of our initial conversations as we build the perfect portfolio with you and the shape of your business in the early years.

The equation is simple:

Year 1 Revenue = £ Block 1 + £ Block 2 + £ Block 3

For more information and an initial chat with Neil Wilkins, please get in touch by email or by calling him directly on 07811 332941.