Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

As more and more people take to their keyboards to blog, tweet, share, like and publish content, the risk to organisations of losing focus and diluting their core messages can increase.

It is essential that if a number of people in an organisation are representing their business, whether it's large or small, that they all work within a clear set of social media guidelines.

A social business is essential in today's commercial world, powered by free-flowing information and advocacy. But untethered, messages can become blurred and the style and tone of communication confusing to customers.

With this in mind all companies large and small need to publish social media guidelines to both protect themselves and inspire confidence in those given the responsibility for external communications.

Good resources for getting yourself started are SocialMedia-Max and SME Club

Viper Marketing now offers its clients customised planning sessions to help to integrate clear social media and digital marketing guidelines with the clients' wider marketing strategy. For more information please contact Neil Wilkins