Putting the Risks to Rest : Viper Marketing Franchise

Putting the Risks to Rest : Viper Marketing Franchise

​One of the most important considerations when being awarded a Viper Marketing Franchise will be where the customers and revenue come from.

As a core part of the strategic planning and initial training we will sit down and spend quality time planning out the various routes to market that will align your region with the products and services on offer.

Here are just some of the varied methods available:

1. Building on existing case studies

2. Our well established relationship with Cambridge Marketing College

3. Grant and loan funding for qualifying clients

4. The relationship with have with start-up experts Venturity

5. Franchisee’s tier one contacts and network

6. Existing enquiries we have received but have been unable to service

7. Viper Marketing’s existing core network of business partners

8. Linkedin groups and discussion forums

9. Industries in which Viper already has an established track record

10. Referrals and recommendations from other franchisees

There are many more opportunities available for supporting business development in the early days after a franchise launch and we are committed to supporting all of our franchisees as part of a great collaborative joint effort.

For more information about the Viper Marketing Franchise opportunity please contact Neil Wilkins