Marketing Consultant Franchise Opportunities

Marketing Consultant Franchise Opportunities

Viper Marketing is seeking experienced marketing professionals to join its expanding network of licensed consultants in the UK.

Transitioning from a paid marketing role into becoming a marketing consultant has just become easier. Our consultants are licensed marketing franchisees; Licensees who own and develop their own autonomous businesses within the brand, guidance and support of the Viper Marketing team.

Viper Marketing was founded by Neil Wilkins in 2003 and has grown to become one of the UK’s recognised strategic marketing and digital consultancies.

Working across a wide range of industries including law, financial services, sport, music, manufacturing, technology and education, the eclectic mix provides a stimulating and exciting opportunity for progressive and committed marketers to forge a career, income and lifestyle balance that is second to none.

“Every day we offer our clients a complete end to end service, from marketing planning to helping them grow through campaigns. Quite simply, we improve their marketing.” Neil Wilkins

With Licensees in the UK, Cairo and Dubai and numerous partner companies and associates, there is an opportunity to shape and grow your own highly profitable and sustainable marketing consultancy business.

The big differences between going alone and working within our franchise network is the feeling of team and sharing of new client and project opportunities within a trusted community of likeminded people. There is also the major benefit of not having to worry about the unknowns. The Viper Marketing team has years of experience of running the back office administration, allowing the licensee to focus on growing their business.

What Franchise Magazine say, “If you’re still wondering if you should choose to start a franchise rather than starting up a new business from scratch, there are some significant statistics to help you make up your mind. Here in the UK ... 91% of all businesses failing inside 10 years according to VAT deregistration statistics. Now compare that to the annual survey of the UK’s franchising industry which reports 97% of franchises are profitable*. * bfa/NatWest Survey 2016”

When we look across our Viper Marketing Licensee Network we see a lot of traditional and digital marketing, strategic planning and campaign delivery expertise but also increasing depth in skills and understanding in:

• Innovation and Collaboration

• People and Team Development

• Motivation and Leadership

• Business Development

• Training, Coaching and Mentoring

• Systems and Processes

• Strategic Copywriting

An advantage to new Licensees and clients is that each of us arrives in the team with specialist and different backgrounds and preferences. Whenever we begin talks with new clients we are in a strong position to not only offer our own skill set but also match the client needs with the offering from the broader team.

The franchise package on offer from Viper Marketing to qualifying marketers includes:

Strategic, Digital and Marketing Training -

Working with you on a bespoke induction and ongoing development programme to keep up to date with the latest marketing thinking and techniques. We have produced a number of unique products and services and along with the case studies, you are fully licensed to use these as though they were your own

“Exciting first week: Thought provoking, inspiring and motivational induction programme.” - Ian Thornhill

Technical Support -

You will have a Viper email address, a profile page on the website, social media accounts with an ongoing feed of shareable content and blogs. Access to the Viper Marketing project management hub for 24/7 access to everything going on within the network

Administration Support -

Helping you to set up your company, your VAT, your processes and business plan. We invoice and chase clients on your behalf allowing you to focus on developing relationships and your business growth

Marketing Mentoring -

Bespoke one-to-one mentoring and technical guidance in parallel with a collaborative focus on helping you to deliver your business plan, sales and financial goals

So in summary:

  • Full training and induction programme
  • Use of Viper Marketing’s established brand, case studies and reputable name
  • Ongoing, one to one mentoring and support from Neil Wilkins
  • A suite of back office services including planning, invoicing and administration
  • Step by step guide to Viper’s products and services
  • Strategic marketing planning for your business
  • Access to a network of likeminded fellow marketing franchisees
  • Viper’s portfolio of contacts and business connections
  • A steady stream of re-usable social media content, regular blogs and articles
  • Lead generation initiatives to help to grow your business
  • 24/7 access to Viper’s online client and admin project management hub

“Developing a marketing consultancy business by yourself can be a lonely road, fraught with mistakes, hard knocks and the risk of not knowing where your next client is coming from. It’s a path that we have already taken so that you don’t have to! As a Licensee with a Viper Marketing franchise, you are safe in the knowledge that you are working to a proven system, alongside other marketing professionals with complimentary skills; With my direct support and mentoring, right by your side.” Neil Wilkins

The cost of a Viper Marketing Franchise licence, covering an agreed territory, is just £4,500 + VAT. After this initial set-up license there are no fixed ongoing fees and simply a 15% commission on revenues generated by the Licensee to cover Viper’s support, thereby incentivising the Licensee and Viper’s team to focus on growing your business. As you grow, Viper grows. A controlled, planned and sustainable win-win business model.

So who is Viper Marketing seeking?

  • Marketing Directors, Managers and Executives with at least 3 years marketing experience
  • An appetite to learn and develop personal skills and expertise
  • A can-do, positive and inclusive professional style
  • Clear, authentic and collaborative communication skills
  • An awareness of the value that digital marketing can bring to the business development mix
  • A desire to grow a profitable and sustainable business

Looking after your own territory means there is no competition between Licensees. We are proud that we all work collaboratively together across our network. Licensees support each other in finding and securing new clients and sharing technical expertise or sector experience.

“Viper Marketing can help. We’re a team of experienced Marketers with one aim; to help companies do better marketing.” Richard Swann

We have Licensees from a host of different sectors and levels of experience, so if the above sounds like you and you’d like to find out more, please call Neil Wilkins on 07811 332941 or email him at

The process of becoming a Viper Marketing Licensee begins with an initial exploratory phone call where we can learn a little more about you and you can ask us all the questions and fine details.

We’ll encourage you to delve deeply into where you’ll begin to feel our ethos, meet some of our clients and learn from our blogs and articles.

We will then invite you to Bristol, where for us it all began, to meet with Neil. From there we can discuss and agree your territory, you can talk to other Licensees and we can work through the fine details and plan the start date and logistics for your induction training.

It all begins with our first contact.

If you are based in the UK it’s Neil Wilkins

In UAE it’s Eslam Hosny and in Egypt it’s Nahed Maher

For the rest of the World it’s Neil Wilkins