Lunch and Learn For Your Team

Lunch and Learn For Your Team

Our lunch and learn series (or if you like, just one talk) will improve your teamwork, communications and focus. It will align your staff, their roles and their goals, so that everyone contributes effectively to delivering team and company objectives. Some of the subjects will help to up-skill in communication, both face to face and digital, in analysis and reporting and in marketing and business development.

“Many thanks for delivering such an engaging session. It was very well received.” Joanna Roberts, Arup

The following modules can also be combined to create customised Away Days or Team Workshops, in half or full day sessions, in line with your needs and challenges.


P1. Strategic Planning

P2. Audits, Profiles and Insights

P3. Turning Objectives into Results

P4. Stretch Goal Setting

P5. Re-defining Your Role


O1. Defining Customer Personas

O2. Enhancing Customer Journeys

O3. Operational Excellence and Efficiency

O4. Team Communication and Collaboration

O5. Negotiation Skills


D1. Cross-Selling, Up-Selling and Back-Selling

D2. Communication Skills – digital

D3. Communication Skills – face to face

D4. Creating Advocacy from colleagues, customers and partners

D5. Dashboards, Analysis and Reporting

For more details, and if you would like to book us for just one, or perhaps a series of Lunch & Learns please email Neil Wilkins to discuss the subject(s) you are considering and to check our availability.