Learn Social Media 2017

Learn Social Media 2017

Viper Marketing’s Neil Wilkins will be leading a number of Social Media Days in the next couple of months and this is your chance to take some time out to refresh your skills, learn new ones and importantly create a measurable plan to ensure your digital marketing delivers real results.

“I have put together a full day programme that builds upon all of the best elements of effective digital marketing and social media that we’ve gleaned over recent years. Many of the networks like LinkedIn and Facebook are now offering different features and the pace of change is frantic. This day is all about pausing for breath, revisiting the reasons why social media might benefit you and your organisation and then working with me to create your own plan for the coming year” said Neil.

If you work in a business to business (B2B) environment this Social Media Day will really hit the sweet spot because it’s all about learning the differences between using social media for leisure and translating that into social networking that means something highly relevant and valuable to your customers, partners and peers.

On the agenda will be : creating a social media strategy, understanding customer intimacy, plotting your customers’ journeys, dashboards and measuring the success

Bristol 21 March

Cambridge 29 March

London 19 April (fully booked)

Bristol 25 April

Cambridge 3 May

If you are unable to make one of the dates or if you would like to talk to Neil about an in-house day that he could customise for your team, please email him.