Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshop

Innovation Workshop

The following workshop format is designed to be run as a standalone team exercise over a half day or full day and supports your firm’s strategic innovation goal, driving competitiveness and growth. It would also ideally compliment a team away day.

- Introduction and Warm-Up Welcome

Quick, fresh and engaging stimulation for everyone in the team, designed to start people thinking, talking and relaxing

- Boundaries and Goals

Reminder of team’s strategic objectives and key priorities to shape the boundaries for the workshop. Establish a time-keeper who will ensure conversations don’t drift off point and a scribe to capture the golden nuggets that emerge from the session

- Reverse Thinking Exercise

Everyone gets stuck with challenges or stagnant thinking that prevents things from moving forward. This exercise takes the opposite viewpoint of key priorities and then challenges to think up ways of achieving the opposites. By engaging left and right brain, the team will be tuned into the main task

- Pitch To The Dragons’ Den

In teams, this facilitated exercise, using templates, builds upon the most interesting priorities arising from the previous session as the attendees build a mock business around their top priority or opportunity. As they pitch their business to everyone, prepare for thrills and spills and some left-field ideas

- Who, How, When

Having established the Why and the What from the previous session, the wrap up will clearly focus on how and when the next steps will be undertaken and by whom. Innovation workshops are only of value with smart outputs that deliver great outcomes, so this key session will leave attendees motivated, focused and inspired

Workshop Outcomes

  • clear understanding of team priorities and focus
  • a route map for implementing fresh new ideas supporting business goals
  • new techniques to use in future planning and team meetings
  • evidence of innovative thinking to stretch opportunities for achieving growth
  • measurable and tangible follow-up actions

For more details and to discuss your business needs please contact Neil Wilkins