In-House B2B Social Media Workshops

In-House B2B Social Media Workshops

In-House B2B Social Media Workshop

It is now ubiquitous across the world, but successfully creating a strategy and tactical campaigns for business to business social media can be fraught with potential pitfalls and challenges.

In this feature-packed one-day workshop we demystify the jargon, provide clarity where there might have been chaos and set attendees free with a framework and set of best practices to ensure they optimise the time they spend online and get best return on investment for their organisations.

From planning and analytics, to writing great content that works, this is the one B2B workshop that marketers cannot afford to miss. Designed to be customised for your organisation and market sector, this is the workshop that will ensure everyone is confident and consistent with their social networking on behalf of the business.

Course Outline

Social Media in 2015 - Defining B2B social media, Current trends and developments, Current challenges and issues, From chaos to clarity

Social Media Planning - Creating a B2B social media strategy, Setting smart objectives, Turning strategy into tactics, The art of social media measurement

Social Sales - Direct selling through social networks, Hope, faith and trust in relationship building, Paid Advertising, Owned Media, Earned Media, Sustainable new business lead generation

Audiences - Prioritising audience personas, Plotting the customers’ journeys, Awareness, conversion to retention, Stimulating advocacy

Social Media Content - Rule of Thirds for effective digital content, Blogs and microblogs, Words, images and videos, Reach, likes and engagement

Popular Networks - Finding the reason to tweet, Facebook for business, Linkedin to enhance your personal digital footprint, Google+

Words, Images, Video - Linkedin Pulse for social influence, Pinterest and Instagram for business, From Vine to AnyMeeting, video engages, Meerkat and Periscope for live broadcasting

Measurement - Monitoring conversations outside your social networks, Creating a digital dashboard, Interpreting the results and avoiding vanity metrics, Demonstrating return on investment

Guidelines - Social Media ethics, Company guidelines and rules of engagement, The law and social media, Next steps


Following this training workshop, attendees will be able to:

Create a B2B social media strategy and tactical campaign for their organisation

Set smart objectives, monitor progress and demonstrate return on investment

Understand their target audiences and the customer journey they will take them on

Confidently choose appropriate digital tools for specific roles on the customer journey

Create a B2B content strategy to balance what the customer wants and needs to hear

Develop a digital dashboard for measuring social media success

(Attendees receive a copy of the course material and one month email support from the trainer.)


The B2B Social Media training day is especially useful for those who need to develop their understanding of creating and delivering effective social media strategies as part of wider marketing and communications in the organisation.


Neil Wilkins BSc(hons) Psychology, MCIM, FCMC is the trainer and coach for this course. Neil began his digital journey with the launch of his first website back in 1994 at the dawn of the internet. Since then he has built and delivered highly effective digital and social media strategies for a broad range of companies in telecoms, manufacturing, oil, public sector and small to medium sized businesses. With 30 years experience of working with everyone from law firms to rock bands he is well versed at understanding online customer behaviour and needs and matching appropriate customer journeys to develop and sustain business growth. Neil is a Growth Accelerator Coach, Marketing Consultant and Fellow and Tutor with Cambridge Marketing College.

For more details and to check for availability to run this workshop in your organisation please email Neil Wilkins.