CIM New Qualifications Briefing

CIM New Qualifications Briefing

CIM have announced a new modular Professional Pathway for marketers in the UK and across the world which supports not only their professional qualification provision but vitally a whole new focus on continuing professional development.

This modular approach focuses on developing marketing skills as well as wider business, project management and leadership confidence through expanding the transferable skills that support the marketer as they journey through their career.

Following extensive research into the needs of their members and accredited study centres, CIM have created a flexible, modular and scalable method of delivery that emphasises practicality over theory. This will likely come as a good news to employers, many of whom are paying for their marketers’ development and who are currently perhaps not seeing so much commercial value coming back into the organisation.

After the CIM event Neil Wilkins commented, “It is refreshing and encouraging to see the CIM embrace the new way that marketers are developing their careers. I predict a significant increase in the need for high quality marketing mentoring and coaching to support the growing marketers as they seek personal and commercial solutions to their every day challenges. It’s an exciting time.”

There will be three levels of marketer considered to be on their professional pathway:

  1. Explorer - the junior, curious, discovery marketer either new in role or looking for a move into marketing
  2. Evolver - studying affiliate CIM member consuming practical new marketing approaches and best practice
  3. Exceller - senior marketing CIM member focused on keeping abreast of technology and strategy through their CPD

We will be working with our accredited study centre Cambridge Marketing College over the coming months as we help to create learning materials and support to fully embrace this new way of working.