Awarding a Viper Franchise: Essential and Desirable Criteria

Awarding a Viper Franchise: Essential and Desirable Criteria

The essential and desirable criteria we’re looking for in people before we award a Viper Marketing Franchise.


  • Want to strike a great work/life balance
  • Inquisitive with a strong desire to learn new marketing techniques
  • Broad background in marketing and communications
  • Self motivated with the ability to grab an opportunity
  • Deliver a great presentation to a conference
  • Deliver accessible training to a wide a range of people
  • Experience of running a range of social media accounts
  • Ability to help an organisation write a marketing plan
  • Demonstrable experience of managing multiple projects
  • Understand online monitoring and reporting techniques
  • Desire to collaborate with colleagues


  • Creative streak through words and images
  • Aiming for 500+ Linkedin connections
  • Clear niche network to build on
  • Experience of blogging and content management
  • Strong leisure interest to share with others
  • Like coffee

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