You Know You Want To - But Where To Start?

You Know You Want To - But Where To Start?

The Brief

A highly successful building society could be considered the last place to find uncertainty when it comes to marketing.

However the world of digital and social media is one in which unless you have a dedicated resource or team to keep the firm on the cutting edge of awareness, thinking and delivery, you quickly find yourself with feelings of being behind the pack.

Our brief was to help the sociey understand why and how to embrace digital marketing at the same time as preserving their traditional, core communication processes and materials.

The Solution

Using both our Strategic Planning Day and Customer Journey Planning Process we were able to quickly identify the highest priority groups of customers, the core messages with which they are most likely to engage and importantly a set of relevant social networking tools and techniques to enable the ideas to happen.

A key thread running throughout the process is the ongoing development of content, arguably the most important part of delivering motivating engagement with prospects, customers and stakeholders.

To ensure content ideas for each target customer group were catured through the planning days we used our brand new product, The Content Wheel.

The Content Wheel balances communication and messages based on our highly effective Rule of Thirds (one third about the business, one third signposting to free stuff and one third the more overt sales messages), to ensure ongoing engagement, conversations and enquiries with the target audiences. The outputs from The Content Wheel ensure the client was left with not only a process to follow but the words and materials with which to populate it.

The Result

We look forward to seeing exciting, engaging and profitable digital marketing and social media activity from the society over the coming months. In the meantime visit Bath Building Society

“It’s not often that you walk away from a 2 day workshop and every member of your team has nothing but praise for the way it was facilitated.” Mark Wiltshaw, Bath Building Society