Wye Valley AONB Website

Wye Valley AONB Website

The Brief

The Wye Valley AONB Service wanted a new website that contained a wealth of information about the area. The new site also needed to act as a portal for other project based websites. They also wanted their partners involved.

During the first phase we undertook facilitated workshops with the team and a wide variety of partners to find out what they wanted. This consultation was the foundation of our work and proved valuable as it meant we could disregard our original thinking of having a site where each user could create their own homepage according to their likes.

The Solution

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are all covered in the previous case study here

Step 4. The website has been designed, built and launched based on the findings of the facilitated workshops.

The Result

A wealth of information in one place. The consultation showed that people wanted to see as many of the choices as possible. Menus are comprehensive and self-explanatory. Information is easy to find and it’s easy to find your way back.

We’ve used Expression Engine to build a powerful site that’s simple to manage. Understandably the team have rich content they want people to access. Organising this access was much easier after the four main choices of Explore, Get Active, Heritage and Flora & Fauna had been revealed through the consultation.

Multiple sites can be accessed through large icons on the homepage. These sites are now being developed to ease content management.

This is a big site with the potential to be very complicated. The design and navigation keep it simple.

Visit the site here