Wye Valley AONB Service

Wye Valley AONB Service

The Brief

Different websites and different methods for managing the content on all of them. Plus some partner websites thrown into the mix. Topped off with varying levels of digital awareness within the AONB team. Sort that lot out and keep the partners on board.

The Solution

Step 1. A training day for the AONB team to make sure everyone’s understanding of the digital world is consistent. Viper spent the day with the team on their turf de-mystifying the digital age. To make the day as effective as possible we also teased from the team their aspirations for new websites. This was the start of the brief.

Step 2. Viper facilitate a day for invited ‘partners’ of the Wye Valley AONB team. The ‘partners’ were a mix of people who would become champions for the project by being involved and those directly involved with the team and it’s related websites. Viper explored what they liked and disliked about websites, how they used the web generally and crucially what they thought should be on the website to help them and their organisation. A host of techniques were used to make the day flow; a scale Like It - Don’t Like It was created as they looked at live websites projected onto the wall, colour palettes were created for the website and future brands along with a host of post-it lists.

The real value of step 2 was for the partners to act as a ‘focus group’. Theories for future web development were tested, some reinforced and some thrown out.

Step 3. Detailed planning begins…

The Result

A happy team, well versed in digital developments and a bunch of partners that feel involved in the process. Priceless. We’ll let you know when the website goes live.