When Nature Met Social Media Pt II

When Nature Met Social Media Pt II

The Brief

Avon Wildlife Trust recognise the power of integrating their social media with traditional marketing tools. Previously Viper had taken the team through two half day workshops to look at strategic marketing and using digital tools, When Nature Met Social Media Pt I

Viper was asked back to transform the target audience types in their strategic communication plan into real profiles everyone could use.

The Solution

Unknown by the Trust we undertook background research on their social media output and carried out 'mystery shopper' research by becoming a member. We undertook the research using the Rule of Thirds, this meant we could move from the perception of their communication to the reality.

Viper’s facilitation techniques were the perfect solution for developing the outline audiences into fully rounded profiles, with human names to make them memorable.

One afternoon, 12 team members, 6 flipchart sheets and 200 Post-It notes later we had the profiles.

Our facilitation techniques meant that the profiles were also prioritized and important discussions could be had by everyone.

The Result

The Trust had over a dozen target audiences to start off with. Our prioritizing moved the trust away from this daunting number of targets to a much more realistic list.

Each profile was also filtered by what the Trust wanted to do with them: raise Awareness of the trust, Acquire them as members or Retain them as members. This filtering process naturally meant the profiles fell under the responsibility of different staff in the Trust.

The profiles were presented back as posters for use in the office.

We had moved the Trust from the position of having a large unwieldy list of audiences to a focussed, effective and measurable plan. All in one afternoon.

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