VentureCo Communication Plan

VentureCo Communication Plan

The Brief

VentureCo is a worldwide adventure travel company with exciting projects in far flung places. They wanted a communication plan that would help them with cohesive messages and clear target audiences. They also knew they needed to be proactive and stay one step ahead of the changing travel market.

The Solution

We gathered the VentureCo team together and led them through our engaging communication planning process for the day. Quality time was given to exploring how VentureCo could take advantage of the changing way people are looking for adventure. We gave them a prioritised list of digital tools they should be using to keep in touch with people around the world and show off their range of adventures. The aim is always to keep it simple, step-by-step lists and actions in order of priority, that way it’s all achievable. Most importantly the team had a chance, with our facilitation experience, to discuss who their target audiences are and what messages they want to hear.

The Result

Mark Davison, Director of VentureCo reflects on the result “My Viper file is stored inside my “Business Plan” folder on my pc, not my “Marketing Plan” as I thought would be the case before we embarked on all this.

The Viper boys tell you they’re going to help you develop a Comms Plan: but that’s a long way short of the mark. I know my team well and I we our business niche: between us we hold all the answers that we are looking for. Getting at those answers, positioning them in a cohesive structure and coordinating the information is the tricky bit.

The tricks of the trade that Viper bring to the day are wonderfully simple: it’s real left-foot-right-foot, baby steps stuff, but it’s great fun, really unites your team and reveals some astonishing trends. These are things that everyone knows and each person holds a different part of the jigsaw, but the bits aren’t joined together. The real value of Viper lies in asking the right questions. And hey-presto, a plan evolves.

The Comms Plan is only the first step and if you don’t grab the information revealed and take it by the scruff of the neck, the opportunity slides by. For VentureCo the Comms Plan was the impetus to writing a Business Plan that is a working document as distinct to something you feel you ought to do. One that changes things, tweaks our direction, rebuilds our website (that was fatally flawed) and coordinates how we approach our marketplace.

New Year resolutions are little more than words; changing your own habits is one of the hardest things we do; tweaking the direction of a ten year old business can not be contemplated unless everyone is on board and the Comms Plan is the foundation building block of that process. Our foundation was put in place, in understated, unobtrusive style, by Jim Hardcastle at Viper.”