The Future of Digital Marketing Training for the South West Tourism Industry

The Future of Digital Marketing Training for the South West Tourism Industry

The Brief

​Digital marketing for the tourism industry is undergoing a huge change at the moment. Social media and the rise of User Generated Content has seen a great democratisation where lone B&Bs can create more meaningful marketing than larger hotel chains. The increasing popularity of video coupled with the ease of creating video has increased the ability for all tourism outlets to show their offer to a public that is demanding more and more video all the time.

At the heart of effective social media and video is authentic content. Content that promotes while being personal. Content that adds value to the viewers life. No matter what platform, Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, you’re going to use, how you create the content and deliver it matters the most.

Purple Cloud Consultancy, the South West’s leading training agency for the tourism sector and Viper are now working together to deliver training that puts content and planning for success first.

The Solution

​‘Any fool can be busy online’ is one of our favourite statements. It’s easy to start another social media account with our thinking why? We aim to give attendees a simple and robust plan that the can deliver.

Our course structure starts with what your business is actually trying to achieve from its marketing? Are you wanting more group bookings? More bookings for the shoulder months?

We then identify and name your target audiences. If you don’t know who you’re talking to how do you know what to say?

From then on we trace a piece of content through various social media platforms. We see how one simple idea can be enhanced to make it more shareable across social media, how it needs to be altered for different platforms and then how it can be monitored to make sure you’re getting most from your social media time.

The Result

Our in-depth experience of digital marketing and training allows us to adapt the session to the attendees. We can cover the basics of how to set up accounts through to integrated campaign strategies.

Viper has written a very popular blog post on How to Run a Training Session, Badly. We do the opposite. Many years of delivering training in an accessible way leads to consistent feedback saying our courses are ‘excellent’.

We look forward to seeing you on our next course. If you would like to keep -up-to-date with Viper’s training courses please email

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