Superfast Business: Interim Case Study

Superfast Business: Interim Case Study

The Brief

The Superfast Business programme is designed to help businesses get the most from superfast broadband through subsidised support. Once you are signed up to the service you will be assigned an adviser who will help benchmark where you are in terms of readiness and IT capability with your specific sector in mind. They will use this opportunity to help you highlight areas you could most benefit, agree a support plan and introduce a specialist in the area you have chosen to focus on.

Viper Marketing were appointed as specialist advisors to provide the digital marketing and social media support, covering Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset and Wiltshire. The first phase of the initiative required delivering 1:4 group training sessions with additional 4hrs support to each company to provide them with bespoke digital marketing support plans.

As the initiative developed companies were provided with 8 hrs 1:1 support which included a plan for moving forward.

The Solution

Our track record of delivering training and our engaging style of producing strategic marketing plans placed us perfectly for supporting the project. Our philosophy is that for a marketing plan to succeed the client team must build it, with our guidance and facilitation skills.

The digital marketing effectiveness each business entering the process was assessed remotely prior to the training. Sitebeam was used to measure their website alongside qualitative and quantitive analysis of their social media platforms.

The training sessions enabled them to clarify their digital marketing requirements, target audiences, produce content following the Social Media Rule of Thirds and an overview of relevant platforms.

A follow up discussion was had with each company in order to produce the bespoke support plan for implementation.

The 1:1 sessions allowed the integration of training and mentoring in parallel with strategic planning. We implemented our planning framework that ensures the company builds their plan in a logical and realistic manner.

The Result

The 1:4 and 1:1 stages each had their benefits. The knowledge sharing amongst peers proved very helpful during the 1:4 sessions. The 1:1 stage enabled a deeper and richer understanding. By sitting with the individual or team in their offices building their plan, mixed with break outs to look at social media platforms in real time, ensured the company got the maximum benefit from the subsidised support.

We have supported more than twenty businesses over the last 18 months through this process to great effect. Our experience and planning tools have enabled us to adapt to the wide variety of businesses we have engaged with, from individual tour guides to engineering companies.

Feedback has been very positive from the Superfast referral manager and the companies themselves. Our relationship with select companies has continued after the Superfast involvement reflecting the quality of our work.

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