Student Houses Go Mobile

Student Houses Go Mobile

The Brief

Viper created Bristol Student Houses’ property portfolio website a few years ago when most people would sit at a desk and search online using a fixed desktop or laptop computer.

Times have moved on and research now clearly shows that the significant majority of people use a smart phone or tablet device to browse the internet.

The existing website is still practical and functional (the original brief) for large screen access but a slimmed-down, feature-light version is required for mobile access.

The Solution

Viper re-developed the existing website to create a version that automatically senses when a visitor is using a device such as a smartphone or iPad and then switches to an appropriate version of each page, presenting relevant information which can be accessed quickly and efficiently on a small screen.

Neil Wilkins explains, “We looked closely at the existing website’s Google Analytics to understand clearly what visitors were looking at when they visited each page. From this detailed analysis we built a simplified visitor journey through the website, stripping back and not including anything that wasn’t part of this core journey.”

The new mobile-enabled website can even tell when an iPad is being held in landscape or portrait orientation and then re-presents each page so that it looks at its best on the screen.

The Result

The resulting mobile version of the Bristol Student Houses website ensures that wherever they are and whatever device they are using, students searching for properties for rental in Bristol are able to get the information they need, quickly and effectively. With an interactive map they can even find their way to the properties.

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