South Devon AONB Website

South Devon AONB Website

The Brief

The South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) team needed a new website with a fresh design. They wanted a site where they could show off the beauty of the coast and countryside through pictures while allowing users to get the information they needed.

Other specific requirements were incorporating the national AONB branding guidelines, greater exposure of the events programme and an interactive map.

The Solution

  • Communication Planning & Auditing
  • Customer Journey & Target Audience Profiling

  • Training

  • Social Media Campaigns & Dashboards

  • Design

  • Web Design & Hosting

  • Sales Promotions

First part of the solution was to provide the client with access to our online project management system. This acts as a virtual filing cabinet for the project team. All the files and messages are in one place nicely organised by time and content.

A planning session was carried out with the client team to understand the target audience, this then would influence the design style.

The client team were provided with access to the content management system after the initial design stage in order that content could be loaded. A ‘staging’ website was launched to allow for the crucial testing period. It’s not until you can see exactly what happens when links are clicked on, and you hover over areas of the page, that you get a real feel of the user experience.

The Result

The images of this beautiful area take centre stage through out the website. Page templates are designed to be subservient to the images. This is a large website with a graceful feel and light touch to it.

We could write endlessly about the coding solutions and the internal navigation but you should really just look at the stunning images of the area and not be focussing on the website! Enjoy your trip around the beautiful area of South Devon.