Social Media Training for the Creative Industry

Social Media Training for the Creative Industry

The Brief

How do you get creative people to sell socially online?

Viper was commissioned to produce a training package as part of a business development package for individuals in the creative industry of Somerset. The training needed to increase confidence and skills in social media use.

New Leaf Life Design appointed Viper after attending one of our previous sessions.

The Solution

Viper products used:

Communication Planning & Auditing
Customer Journey & Target Audience Profiling

Social Media Campaigns & Dashboards
Web Design & Hosting
Sales Promotions

If you want to get people to adopt new skills you have to teach them within their own comfort zone. You can’t force them. We asked them all to bring along a piece of their artwork for several reasons:

  • It’s a great talking point and ice-breaker at the start
  • We can base the training around a real object that they are passionate about
  • This object is what they want to sell, they need to see how they get it online

Most importantly it shows people how they follow the Social Media Rule of Thirds in real life and how easy it is to transfer this to the digital world. To create great content that will help you sell online you need to follow these thirds: a third that Points people to interesting content elsewhere, a third that’s Personal to you, then a third that Promotes your product.

When asked to introduce themselves and their art at the start of the session, they invariably said something along these lines:

Hi, I’m Wendy from Wellington, these are my illustrations. I’ve been illustrating landscapes for 5 years now ever since I left the big city job (PERSONAL). I get inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy (POINT) so like to find sculptures that exist in nature. I draw when I’m out with the dog, she loves to swim so I sit their and doodle away (PERSONAL). They’re pen and ink and the small ones sell for about £50 (PROMOTE).

It would have been very odd if Wendy had just said:

They’re pen and ink and the small ones sell for about £50.

We don’t talk like that in real life, why do companies try and sell like that through social media?

The Result

The focus was on creating rich content so that no matter which social media platform they adopted their content would be great.

The digital connectivity was brilliant resulting in the following curious hashtags being created #nlldcreative and #chocolatebrownies

@Ignisstudio posted this tweet after the event “Big thanks to @ViperJimH for another great #nlldcreative workshop! Enjoy the mugtash!” See pictured.

I was awarded the mugtash for being their 500th follower. And just to show that social media marketing works you’re now aware of Ignis Studio!