Search Engine Optimisation For A BlackListed Website

Search Engine Optimisation For A BlackListed Website

The Brief

As an international training and development company Sales Training International relies on word of mouth and search engine rankings for its new business leads.

If you take out of the mix any visibility in search results because of being black listed then a key sales pipeline instantly dries up effectively starving the business.

This was the case for Sales Training International when a previous website company organised a significant number of dubious inbound links to the firm’s website. The resulting black listing in effect made the website invisible to the major search engines.

Viper’s brief was to dig the business out of this very dark hole.

The Solution

Viper products used:

  • Communication Planning & Auditing
  • Customer Journey & Target Audience Profiling

  • Training

  • Social Media Campaigns & Dashboards

  • Design

  • Web Design & Hosting

  • Sales Promotions

Firstly we created an almost identical but brand new website, retaining all of the best bits and strong content and taking the opportunity for some tuning to bring it up to date as we transitioned it across to a new website address and our hosting platform.

Secondly we began writing heavily search-engine-optimised content. News, blogs and articles focusing on the including key search terms that we know from the Google Analytics are popular with the target audience.

Thirdly we talked very nicely to Google and other major search engines who began again to index the site and send their robots in our direction.

Fourth we monitored on a weekly basis the steady improvements from initial visibility again to a gradual rise up the rankings.

Fifth we instigated a programme of development including high quality inbound links from relevant websites, a focus on social media and the launch of a YouTube video channel.

The Result

Within just a few months we have taken an invisible website to the top of page two for some of the most competitive search phrases in the business world.

It’s always work in progress, that is the art of search engine optimisation, and the rate of improvement has now slowed as we near the top of the search result lists but with the big success for one key search term of reaching position one on page one of Google we have proven we have approached this challenge in the right way.

One thing is for sure. Search engine optimisation and digital marketing is an ongoing process: Continual monitoring and improvement and keeping close to both the search engines and clients alike.