Redefining Law Firm Communications

Redefining Law Firm Communications

The Brief

The firm (who for commercially sensitive reasons are not named at this time) commissioned us to help understand their target audiences and to create a marketing plan that would help shape their broader business and logistics strategies.

The Solution

Using our proven and highly effective communication planning process we took the firm through two days of facilitated discussion and strategic thinking.

Interestingly as the discussions and brainstorming ensued it appeared there was as much a need for effective, cross-team, internal communication as there was for external marketing.

The planning days, which were highly valued by the firm produced a framework for effective internal communication through a newly created workgroup that would help everyone in the firm to know exactly what was going on at the same time as understanding their personal roles in the process.

The Viper process is not about telling the clients how things should be done but by helping the client to explore the issues and they themselves create the solutions that involve everyone in the business and not just the management.

The Result

The outputs will ensure that everyone in the firm knows exactly who their core target clients are, how to get to them and what to say when they are engaging with them.

The marketing plan identified a need for rebranding and a more focused website to ensure that the target clients understood the firm’s propositions.

Viper will continue to work with the firm’s communication workgroup as they begin to implement the plan for new business development.