Podscrolls, Kiosks and Tourists

Podscrolls, Kiosks and Tourists

The Brief

Viper Marketing created with the client a challenging Strategic Digital Communications Plan that helped to extend the organisation’s Management Plan.

In search of cost effective methods of engaging with a broad cross section of landowners, residents, local businesses and tourists the strategy identified innovative and integrated digital communications at the heart of a visitor-centric plan.

The Solution

Designed to appeal at the same time to both visitors already in East Devon and those planning to visit or a take a holiday in the area, the Digital Communications Plan proposed a range of joined-up technologies to engage with people whenever they needed it and wherever they were.

A central East Devon Adventure Map hub website formed the cornerstone for those people planning a visit or holiday and seeking things to do. Quickly and easily they could use the map to identify a number of circular walks or cycle rides based on the length of time they either felt they had available or felt physically capable of achieving.

They could then print out their chosen route or if it was a walk, save it as a podscroll (slideshow of route direction images that when clicked through one by one show the user exactly where they need to walk next, based on imagery and arrows on screen) to take with them on their iPhone or iPod.

If the visitor was already in East Devon they could visit the touch screen kiosk at Otterton Mill, at the start and finish of many of the circular routes. The kiosk allowed visitors to select their chosen route, presented to them in attractive aerial imagery, in a similar way to the Adventure Map website and then print a copy of the route to take with them.

The selection of routes allowed the AONB Service to monitor usage on the ground and ensure walkers and cyclists used designated rights of way, thereby avoiding dangerous road crossings and ecologically fragile places.

The Result

Ongoing monitoring of the usage of all elements of the strategy will ensure that future roll-out of kiosks, routes and services across the region attends both to the needs of the local population and the AONB Service at the same time as providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience for the visitor.