Mendip Outdoor Pursuits Planning and Profiles

Mendip Outdoor Pursuits Planning and Profiles

The Brief

Mendip Outdoor Pursuits are one of the leading adventure activity providers in the South West. Their staff are full of life and they have great strategic direction.

They asked Viper to help them hone their communication and marketing by:

  • Identifying and developing their audience profiles
  • Identifying the messages to target the audiences

While also ensuring the wider team understood the business needs and felt involved in the creation of the marketing plan so they can help to deliver it.

Planning means prioritizing. You can’t do everything at once. Helping the team understand who were the most important targets was vital

The Solution

A full days communication planning with lots of outdoor adventure instructors was planned and delivered. The whole team gathered in one place for the first time in ages. We turned the tables on them to see how they would cope with the team games they put their clients through!

Interestingly for Viper Mendip Outdoor Pursuits’ web developers also took part to see how our work could enhance the website.

The planning process we use is very powerful and adaptable. This time we focussed on developing the audience profiles with the team. As a result of the day the team have a plan they all understand and can help to deliver.

Viper was then asked to reinforce the audience profiles with the team so they became a common language. We give our audience profiles human names that represent them and mean something to the team. We produced posters showing an image of the audience type, the messages they would respond to, what Mendip Outdoor Pursuits wanted them to do, brands that competed for their attention and areas that they lived.

The Result

On its own the planning day is great fun and a chance for everyone to share ideas, but more importantly it revealed how the characters of the instructors was intrinsically part of the brand.

Viper facilitate these days through a unique process that makes the best use of time. It creates an effective marketing plan that is not full of jargon and that the team feel part of.

The follow up work to create the poster profiles, for displaying around the office and kit-store, showed great commitment to ensuring the staff are truly involved with the marketing and the future of the company.

Crucially the target audiences were prioritized. It’s not a plan if you don’t know what to do first or what the most important action is.

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