Integrated Communications Support European Junior Rangers

Integrated Communications Support European Junior Rangers

The Brief

Forty junior rangers and their mentors would be coming to the first camp to take place in England on the Mendip Hills near Bristol. The organisers wanted maximum PR value from this to draw attention to our future countryside custodians.

The Solution

We approached this project wanting to create a legacy for EUROPARC. 'Wouldn't it be great for all these junior rangers to meet each other before the camp and then be able to stay in touch easily afterwards!' Help junior rangers from across Europe connect before, during and after the Junior Ranger Camp in July 2010, became the refined brief. If we could deliver that we'd be more than happy.

To create a sustainable legacy we'd need the junior rangers to do the communicating with us in a supporting role. We assumed the young people would be more than willing and able to connect via blogs and social media platforms. These digital connections would then mean they could stay in touch afterwards, hopefully creating the start of a professional network for them as they become countryside staff in the future.

This was our approach:

  • Detailed communication plan commencing a year before the camp
  • Junior Ranger Camp 2010 promotional document and PDF
  • Staged press releases before, during and after
  • Invitations to dignitaries to raise awareness
  • Creation of with blogs, news and galleries
  • Login details sent to all junior rangers attending the camp so they could introduce themselves before the event
  • Creation of a Facebook page for everyone to contribute to especially during the camp
  • IT support to help the junior rangers and make sure images from the camp were uploaded asap, many on the same day they were taken even when the rangers were out in the wilds

The Result

Coordinated communication plans work and deliver great results.

As soon as the Log-in details were sent out the first blogs were being posted from far off places we'd never heard of! People were linking with the Facebook page and the young rangers on Mendip took over the admin for it. The local MP Tessa Hunt visited twice and the MEP Graham Watson came up to Mendip to find out more. Local papers lapped all this up giving great overage for all involved.

The website allowed organisers to post up all the camp details and amend the programme as it was finalised. Fernhill Farm and Goblin Combe, where they were staying, could be introduced and the Gallery became the most visited pages on the site. Online visitors from the Czech Republic, Germany and Estonia used the website the most. Understandably there was a huge spike in visits to the site and Gallery during the week of the camp. We predicted this and worked hard to get the images taken by the rangers loaded that day.

Siblings even used the Facebook page to check that everything was going ok!

Communication planning works. Viper brought a range of tools to this project in an integrated fashion. The rangers certainly connected before and during the event. We've given them the platforms to stay in touch, we're sure they will.

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