Green Connect

Green Connect

The Brief

Green Connect was established to be an information conduit between park managers from the public, private and third sectors following the demise of GreenSpace.

The brief was simple build and provide a regular and frequent digital marketing presence that builds awareness of Green Connect.

The Solution

Viper products used:

Communication Planning & Auditing
Customer Journey & Target Audience Profiling


Social Media Campaigns & Dashboards


Web Design & Hosting

Sales Promotions

A smiple strategy was produced and agreed, the digital marketing impact would be created through establishing and managing for the client the following:

• Twitter
• Linkedin Group
• Facebook Page
• Pinterest boards
• Website
• Enewsletter

The Result

The website was placed as the hub of the digital output. All social media points to this. Fortnightly content was produced, ranging from interviews with key park professionals to reviews of new publications and interesting news from around the world.

The Green Connect Facebook Page was populated with 140 pieces of content, one a day for the duration of the project. On average 20 pieces of content were sent from the Twitter account per week. Eight Pinterest Boards were established with over 200 images pinned to create brand awareness and drive traffic to the hub website.

To support the digital presence monthly enewsletters were created and distributed to a growing database, 100 succeeded in the first five months.

Key to the accumulative impact was the linking strategy, all platforms referred to the others and the constant links to the website at the heart allowed visitors to explore wider services offerred by Green Connect.