Exmoor National Park Authority: Social Media Strategy & Tactics

Exmoor National Park Authority: Social Media Strategy & Tactics

The Brief

​A new website is on the horizon for Exmoor National Park Authority but the key communication staff were keen to ensure everyone embraced social media alongside the website. Viper was asked to work with the communications team to explore the strategy and then train a wider group of staff in the use of social media.

The Solution

​Viper created a bespoke strategic planning session for the senior communications team. This would build a framework that supported the communication plan for the authority while encouraging and enabling staff to get involved in a structured way. The session looked at the strategic aim of the new website, digital marketing target audiences and associated content strategies with their ‘customer journey’s’ plotted.

Following the strategic planning session a tactical training session was delivered to staff from all levels of the authority. This session looked at each of the key social media platforms and how they could be used by staff.

The Result

​A key concern at the outset was the need of the authority to communicate with ‘everyone’. A tall order for an authority with ambitious expectations but limited resources. Our strategic planning revealed how the authority could communicate with a wide variety of audiences through staff ‘sponsors’. According to the remit of the individual staff member they would focus on that specific audience with their social media and become their sponsor. For example rangers would focus on landowners, planners focus on residents and developers and so on. Collectively the authority would then be engaging effectively with a wide spectrum of audiences.

The coordination of output from staff members and ensuring high standards of communication needed to be addressed. Viper introduced polices for online engagement for public sector staff, read this blog to discover more on this subject.