Exmoor National Park Animated Video

Exmoor National Park Animated Video

The Brief

​Viper produced the ‘Marketing Exmoor Experiences - From Special Qualities to Special Experiences’ guide for rural tourism businesses to show how to create experiential marketing. To drive traffic to this document and give people a taste of its contents Viper was commissioned to produce a short animated video.

The Solution

​Viper had created a strong visual identity using the stag in the original guide to bring the types of experiences to life. Our solution was to animate the stag alongside video footage. The animated sections of the video created punctuation marks, creating structure and allowing the viewer time to digest each section.

A script and storyboard was generated from the guide that would tease the viewer into downloading the complete document. The script is the starting point that can provide the timing to the editing process. A voiceover, with a tone of friendly colleague, was commissioned. Images and footage were built around the storyboard and lastly the stag was animated.

The Result

We kept the video to a strict 1min 30 seconds, creating a professional and succinct introduction to the broad topic of experiential tourism on Exmoor. Watch the video and see what you think.