UPDATE: Digital Marketing Plan for Local Authority Development Team

UPDATE: Digital Marketing Plan for Local Authority Development Team

The Brief

The Economic Development team from North Somerset Council know the importance of using social media to engage with their audiences. Team members cover different areas of the economy: rural, tourism, property, training and business support. Their digital marketing needed to be channelled to the correct audiences to ensure their strong brand was built upon and not diluted.

The team have created the In North Somerset brand that is working well for them. They needed support, training and a strategy to take this forward through major changes to the area.

North Somerset’s economic development focusses around major changes to Weston-super-Mare. The new pier and landscaping to the seafront are leading the way. The outskirts of Weston, around Junction 21 of the M5, are about to undergo the exciting development of a new £50m Leisuredome, hundreds of houses and 72ha of employment land.

The Economic Development team are also very conscious of the fact that the rest of the predominantly rural area needs to benefit from the investment. The Strawberry Line multi-use trail, Victorian destination seaside resorts and the edge of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty all need to feature in the team’s communication plans.

The Solution

To use social media effectively the team needed to have a common understanding of digital marketing. Viper trained the team in the latest techniques and tools available. Recognising that the team are at different levels of experience and have different expectations over their usage of digital tools is crucial.

To allow the individual team members to use digital tools in ways that help them but also support an overall plan, Viper took them through a strategic planning process.

The process examines the business needs and objectives, the target audiences, the messages and then the tools that will engage with the audiences. Crucially Viper’s facilitation allows the team to discuss important issues in a structured way format that they had not previsouly had the chance to discuss together. This investment in internal communication can not be underestimated.

UPDATE: Since this original piece of work Viper has continued to work with the Economic Development Team; delivering tactical social media work, delivering 1:1 mentoring and a series of training sessions to keep the team up-to-date with the latest social media trends.

The Result

By involving the whole team in the process ensures that everyone understands the part they play, allowing them to move forward with confidence that their individual work is contributing to the vision.

The team now has a plan, based around their target audiences, for the next five years. They have decided the messages and tools they will use to engage with them. They have also prioritised their workload. The plan helps shape their work by revealing the best times to focus on particular audiences.

Being realistic about your marketing and communication is so important. You can’t do everything you want right now. Viper helped the team plan their future in the context of the major changes that are taking place in North Somerset.

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