Digital Marketing Support for Sulis Fine Art Online Sales

Digital Marketing Support for Sulis Fine Art Online Sales

The Brief

​Sulis Fine Art provide an online purchasing service for a wide range of fine art painting, drawings and prints. They requested Viper’s help to review all aspects of their digital marketing, work with senior staff to create a strategy and then provide practical support.

The Solution

The agreed Marketing Strategy Framework followed this process:

  • Setting up an appropriate marketing strategy to help deliver long term business vision
  • Matching business needs and objectives with clearly defined tactical marketing activity
  • Auditing of market and customer situation
  • Definition and prioritisation of customer personas to focus available resources

The customer journeys were plotted to inform the content strategy:

  • Choreographing customer journeys through phases of awareness, conversion and retention
  • Establishing and setting up appropriate digital and traditional marketing tools
  • Fuelling a content strategy with appropriate messages and themes to position the business as current, relevant and informed whilst balancing with sales-oriented content

The concluding stage of the strategy was to produce digital dashboard and a balanced scorecard:

  • Introduction to and setting up of a suite of appropriate digital dashboards for performance analysis
  • Conversion of information into intelligence to advise ongoing business decision making
  • Balanced scorecard introduction into the business to ensure ongoing assessment of the value of all resources

A 6 week period of practical support followed to add a broader range of content to the digital marketing mix on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, plus targeting specific key individuals on social media.

    The Result

    The strategy helped us know the target audience and subsequently the type of content they should respond to. Through our social media Rule of Thirds we posted a spread of content that led to 136 social referrals to the website, up 18% versus the previous 6 weeks. Twitter and Facebook were 66% of the total, Twitter being up 56% versus the previous 6 weeks.

    Successful digital marketing depends on good content. Our process showed this.

    To find out more about Sulis Fine Art visit their website