Digital Awareness Campaign for Skano Furniture UK

Digital Awareness Campaign for Skano Furniture UK

The Brief

Skano Furniture wanted to drive the digital awareness of their range before and during the Grand Designs Live 2015 show.

Starting from a very small online presence they commissioned Viper to increase their digital marketing presence in a limited timescale.

Skano has been manufacturing practical modular bookcase and display systems since 1994. These modular units are now used to create unique furniture solutions in all areas of the home, as well as continuing to provide traditional storage solutions for home offices and libraries.

The Solution

Our starting point was to identify with the Skano team the priorities for the business during the three month commission. These were to raise awareness of the furniture system itself and Skano’s presence at the major Grand Designs Live show with professional and amateur interior designers.

We created two personas that we could target with online content; ‘Ben’, a trendy, 30-something, professional interior designer who was looking for solutions for his clients and ‘Samantha’, a keen, amateur interior designer with changing furniture needs as her family is growing.


To separate Skano’s social media content from all the other furniture related promotion and to create a position in the heads of Ben and Samantha we created the theme ‘Skano-land’. This meant we could have fun welcoming new followers to Skano-land for example and curate broader Scandinavian stories that would resonate with our audiences.

To ensure adequate integration we took over and ran all of Skano’s social media for the period. We focussed on Twitter and Pinterest primarily as awareness tools that would drive traffic to their website. Facebook was also started.

We assisted with the creation of a new publication that moved them from a brochure to an interior design ‘ideas and inspiration’ guide. The look and feel captured the Skano-land theme. The guide would given out at the show and then be available online.

To directly engage with interior designers we conducted an on line survey to find out how professionals and amateurs incorporated furniture into the design process. The results were converted into an infographic available for all.

During the Grand Design Live show we shared lots of images from the show, trying to capture the live feeling and encourage more visitors to the stand. This was supported by contacting interior design companies nearby.

Targeted e-newsletters supported the distribution of content, creating good spikes of interest on their website.

The Result

In just three months we gave Skano a substantial digital footprint where they had almost nothing before; most notably we created 170 social media referrals to their website All their social media platforms moved into the top 10 referrers to their website from a non-existent starting point.

Over 400 pieces of content were sent out via their Twitter and Facebook, with 400 pins on their Pinterest boards. There Twitter followers moved 82 to 291, all attracted organically with good content. At the outset their Klout score was 26, we moved this to 41.

The design guide and infographic added to the brand positioning while building on the traction generated by the social media output.

The targeted creative content, supported by weekly monitoring through a dashboard was very successful.