Acteon Digital Communications Strategy

Acteon Digital Communications Strategy

The Brief

Award winning communication and learning consultancy Acteon Communication were seeking to develop a targeted and focused digital marketing strategy to compliment and enhance their already highly successful marketing plans and campaigns.

The Solution

Viper Marketing took Acteon through two days of intensive planning activities fuelled by great coffee and Post-it notes.

Working from objectives and strategic goals through identification and profiling of clients and influencers the key propositions and messages that would be most meangingful to the target audience were carefully plotted and developed.

Step by step customer journeys through the most relevant social networks and digital marketing tools helped to shape the definitive customer experience which now forms the backbone of Acteon’s online marketing and communication activity.

The Result

“We were very impressed by the way Viper Marketing approached the project: to devise and implement a coherent, practical digital marketing strategy that integrated with existing marketing activities, and addressed the specific goals of the company. A thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating experience - we would recommend them highly.”

Cathy Curwood, Marketing Manager, Acteon Communication and Learning