A Journey Through Knowledge And Transformation: Vivid Life

A Journey Through Knowledge And Transformation: Vivid Life

The Brief

The partners of Vivid Life were a group of friends from Dubai working in the field of marketing and consulting. Lasy year one decided to make a 180 degree turn in her career and focus, as an entrepreneur, on the development of human talent and the enhancement of communities’ potential. Her parallel studies in yoga and yoga therapy positioned her ideally with the support from her colleagues.

Viper Marketing Egypt was commissioned by Vivid Life to bring an inspirational brand to life on the internet by the design and development of a unique website.

The Solution

Viper products used:

  • Communication Planning & Auditing
  • Customer Journey & Target Audience Profiling

  • Training

  • Social Media Campaigns & Dashboards

  • Design

  • Web Design & Hosting

  • Sales Promotions

The projects faced a number of key challenges.

Dubia is cosmopolitan community, required a special plan to reach and engage with a wide variety of very different cultures.

There is already significant competition from India and the Far East with established organisations and experts working in yoga therapy and offering their skills in an international context.

A key challenge was to create an online presence that would approach and engage with executives and directors, who often do not make enough time to relax and engage in a journey of self-development.

Close client involvement was vital to the project from design stage to launch. We started by creating a range of recommendations for consideration and discussion and developed a clear site map to differentiate between the Corporate and Individual programs available. This was key because it allowed for clear differentiation in the customer journey through the website.

From the design perspective a key challenge was to create a relevant digital brand for the name ”VIVID LIFE ” retaining a dynamic impression even where there was no movement and keeping a modern feel underpinned with ancient taste; “Merging the ancient eastern teaching with western modern methodology.”

The Result

The new Vivid Life website was launched successfully, on time and within budget and after launch of the website Viper Egypt team suggested some great recommendations to help create social media channels to lead more traffic to the website. The client was impressed by the recommendations and has asked for a full social media plan that will be rolled out in the coming months.