Writing Content for SEO

Writing Content for SEO

If you operate in a very busy market sector with lots of digital noise and many competitors, it’s often very hard to break through with your messages using traditional marketing techniques.

Product features and benefits can be replicated by your competitors and saying you are the best, most responsive and most professional in the industry, can be instantly copied. So how do you cut through the chaos?

It’s quite simple and here are some tips for establishing a foothold in those competitive search engine rankings:

1. Select the key phrases that your target audience is likely to use to search for you

2. Decide on an interesting individual with something to say who would be engaging for your audience

3. Write to them with 7-10 pertinent questions that will help to get to know them as well as add insight and thought provoking ideas

4. Publish their answers as a written interview

5. Ensure in the introduction to the interview you include all of the key phrases your target audience is likely to use to search for you

6. Publish links to the interview in all of your social networks to increase the reach

7. Monitor the outcome through your social media dashboard and for your web page through Google Analytics

It really is that simple.

A good example is the internationally popular phrase ‘international sales expert’ which is used by speakers, recruitment agencies and management consultants across the globe. As simple interview using this search phrase in the description and first paragraph as well as high quality insight and tips ensures Google and the other search engines view the page as high quality, current, relevant and informed… all the ingredients to appear in the top 20 of over 10,200,000 search results.