Why Plan : Meeting Business and Marketing Needs

Why Plan : Meeting Business and Marketing Needs

Why Plan? There are two main reasons why you plan and that is to help you and your people to meeting your business objectives and to help deliver your marketing needs.

So with these in mind and with the inevitable limited time available, which things should you think about first and factor into discussions in your next management team meeting?

1. Address macro trends : It is imperative to keep abreast of the big picture. The economy, Brexit, politics both local and national, eco and green factors and technological advances such as mobility and the internet of things. All of these macro factors can be important trends to build into your strategic and tactical plans.

2. Consider persona needs : Customers needs, both the ones they perceive and those they need to be made aware of, will always remain at the heart of why you are in business. Don’t rely on yesterday’s information and knowledge. Be constantly on the look out for new opportunities and how social influence is changing their needs.

3. Maintain competitive advantage : If you aren’t moving forward versus the competition then you are guaranteed to be moving backwards. Keep challenging the things that you claim to be reasons why your customers should engage with you rather than the alternatives. Your USP or competitive edge, may be something that was relevant yesterday but that tomorrow is irrelevant or bettered by the competition. Stay innovative.

4. Remain alive : It may sound obvious but companies who are complacent, arrogant or living on yesterday’s successes will become tired and unprofitable tomorrow. If you don’t think this can happen to you then consider the recently defunct Austin Reed, a national institution of a brand who gradually became tired by today’s standards. Don’t let this happen to you.

The key implementation skills to achieve constant improvement are scepticism, innovative thought and collecting evidence. Ensure you use these at your next management team meeting.