Which Social Network Can You Not Live Without?

Which Social Network Can You Not Live Without?

​With the clock ticking and the stresses and strains of a working day pushing us to our limits, if we only have a few minutes to engage with our social networks how do we know where our time is best spent?

The answer is simple and it’s already in front of you.

Simply log into your Google Analytics and from your Dashboard look down the left menu column and click on: Acquisition then Social then Overview

From here you will see a simple list of the incoming visits to your website that originated in your social networks. Which one is at the top of the list? That’s the one to post in if your time is limited.

How do you know when the best day of the week and time of the day will be to get the best likelihood of some engagement? Go to Social Report and plug in all your social networks. From your the left menu column on your dashboard click on: Overview then Time (beta)

From here you will see a graph showing you when your social networks are most active. Click on the day of the week with the highest bar (this is the day your social networks are busiest) and you will see another graph showing you the best time of the day on that busiest day of the week. If you only have a few minutes, make sure you are ready to post and engage at this time.

Of course this is all very simplistic and in reality there are many complexities that will also contribute to when and where it’s best to use social media. Things like your customer journey, conversion goals, different target personas etc. will all impact on the most important moment to be active, but we can help you with that if you need some assistance in optimising your time and planning your digital marketing.

For now, and if time is of the essence, try those two simple tips to optimise your limited time. And remember, you can always do all of the above from your smartphone so that your social networking fits around your busy working day.