When Our Website Is Your Website

When Our Website Is Your Website

​It probably can’t be claimed as being ground-breaking or bleeding-edge but the Viper Marketing website was one of the earliest sites to use the now popular ‘responsive blocks’ presentation of content.

We decided to take things a lot further in the way we built the content management system behind the website to enable it to present something different to each and every visitor who arrived at the front door.

The basic building blocks of the site are that every piece of content from news story, Instagram image, case study and blog is tagged by a whole host of category tags which makes each item easily searchable from the database. For example a case study would include tags for: industry, project type, location, team member who published it, Viper Marketing services deployed, etc. So a search could present all case studies in a particular sector in a particular region.

Not all of the content is served by the content management system. Some content like Tweets and Instagram are automatically fed into the site from those third party social networks.

By using the simple search facility at the top right of the website page it is easy to locate very specific content by way of these tags rather than searching deeper and deeper by following lengthy navigation buttons and menu links. We love the way we can then customise the page we are looking at by narrowing content down quickly to an individual publisher. For example we can search on all blogs published by Neil and we are presented with just that. The search facility becomes the navigation tool and there is no need for menus.

With the rise of the importance of geographic location in digital content we also present all our data not only in blocks through which a visitor can click to read the full story, but also by geographic location of each piece of content through our Viper Marketing map. For example you can then see all the content associated with your particular town.

All of these features are built to work seamlessly on any device through responsive website design where the site shuffles around the presentation of your selected information into a form that is easily digestible on the smallest of screens through to a large conference display monitor.

We do realise that such an interactive website, which you can personalise at the touch of a button, is a step too far for many people who would rather be lead step by step through safe navigation buttons. It’s something we have debated at length but we feel that going forward, the benefit of personalisation of a website far outweighs staying in a more traditional format. If all else fails, and the visitor is wary of playing with the site, the very first content block describes exactly what Viper Marketing does. So the basic answer is just a click away.