What’s a Business Vision Statement?

What’s a Business Vision Statement?

In marketing, business creation and development and sales, it’s vital to have a clear company vision. This is different to your mission statement and here’s why…

The mission statement is a collective agreement of operationally, what everyone will do together. It is akin to being ‘on a mission’ so to speak. An action-oriented set of aims, that encourage those in the organisation to operate as a team.

The company vision is a higher level collective intention. Rather than operational it is aspirational and a collective feeling of how the world will look different as the organisation achieves its goals.

In many ways it is not possible to create a strategic business plan without either of the vision or mission statements because together they set a guiding light from which the organisation’s objectives can be set.

If your own business is missing either a strategic plan, a vision or mission statement then we can help facilitate these, working with the key decision makers in your organisation as you prepare for 2017. Do get in touch for an initial, informal conversation.