What Does Success Really Look Like?

What Does Success Really Look Like?

What does success really look like to you?

There is always so much pressure to hit the numbers. Your boss keeps the foot to the pedal and pushes you to do likewise. The cashflow for the end of the month drives you to squeeze every last moment of time and energy into creating enough revenue to pay the bills that you know are due.

It is often hard to pause for breath and wonder what it’s all worth. So today, for a moment, do just that.

Take half an hour out of your day and perhaps as you read this, step away from email and the phone and go to a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.

In this pause, begin to think about what success really looks like. It is very unlikely to be the money you are generating or the project you are completing, the noise you are making or the people you are influencing.

It is far more likely to be a vision on the horizon that looks, sounds and importantly, feels, better than the situation you have today.

So get this vision of success in your mind’s eye and really feel what it’s like to have already achieved it. How does it make you feel? Not how does it look or how does it sound, but how does it make you feel.

Those who focus on Vision, Clarity and Purpose and how their end goal feels, are significantly more likely to achieve, because they have already psychologically committed to doing everything possible in its pursuit.

Once you have embedded the feeling you can set about creating SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound) step-by-step milestones for the journey to achieving it.

And when you have done that you can return to the email inbox and voicemails that you have just avoided, confident in the knowledge that your subconscious mind will ensure you are now focusing only on what really makes a difference.