Unbelievable Internet Statistics

Unbelievable Internet Statistics

Due to the astonishing amount of internet users today, it seems as though we never leave our computer screens. I have found some unbelievable internet statistics.

It is hard to believe how the internet can hold as much data as it currently does. Consider the number of words that are shared on Facebook - there are 135,057 monthly posts by Facebook pages in Brazil alone, which according to factshunt.com is the most active country in the world. This is only one country, excluding hundreds of other countries like the United States whose citizens are literally walking gadgets.

So you can’t even begin to imagine how many monthly posts there would be on Facebook if you included all of the countries of the world. You are probably thinking it can’t get much bigger than Facebook… well it can…

Have you heard of a company named Google? In 2013 alone there were 2.0287 trillion Google searches. This reinforces the point that the internet isn’t a separate entity to our lives, like it was in the past, it is our life. Every aspect of our life is connected to the internet in some way: advice, work and connecting with friends. In the past you could have left your house without your device. Now it doesn’t seem possible for any human to do this, it’s as though they want to share every single aspect of their life with the internet. We can’t even walk out the door without seeing it is a nice day and then taking a picture and sharing it on Instagram.

Don’t believe me? According to Factshunt there are 73 photos uploaded to Instagram every second! In addition there are 426,000,000 photos added to Facebook every day and in a month you are talking 8.245 Petabytes of photos added to the creation of Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s as though we are obsessed and need to feed the internet with data. There are over 100 billion emails sent and received per day in the business world and this trend will most likely sky rocket over the next few years. It is thought that 132 billion emails will be sent and received per day by the end of 2017 according to irpulseapp.com.

It isn’t just the business world that is obsessed with sharing content over the internet, it is also those individuals who are creative. It is hard to believe that there are 2 million blog posts written every day according to digitalbuzzblog.com. It is clear that every day people are becoming consumed with feeding this data machine. When you read on internetlivestats.com that 500,000,000 tweets are being posted per day and 200 billion per year! It does beg the question… about what exactly? It’s as though our generation is more interested in feeding the internet content than spending time doing anything else, including with their family.

The internet has definitely paid off for some though, when you consider the huge volume of stars that have recently become overnight sensations from social media sites such as Vine and YouTube. Consider the types of Psy and Justin Bieber… yes literally overnight sensations. Why? It is because the whole country is sitting at their computers, constantly watching videos – there are 5.215 billion hours of videos watched per month from all video sites combined and 16.54 million Vimeo users worldwide according to factshunt.com. It seems as though everyone wants to be the next YouTube sensation. There are 200,000 videos uploaded onto YouTube every day and over 120,000,000 YouTube videos on the entire site. The time required to see all the videos is over 600 years.

So this does all reinforce the point that we are feeding pointless data into the internet in ludicrous amounts as we will be dead before we can access it all. Vine users alone are estimated to upload 1 million videos daily, so this trend is not going to stop any time soon.

According to Wikipedia, the number of well known social networking sites is around 207 including only those who have over 4 figures for their registered users. This definitely shows the popularity of social networking sites. It is as though we are living and breathing through the internet. Lets give you an idea of the popularity of some of the most well known social networking sites. Facebook launched in February 2004 has 1,280,000,000 users, Linkedin launched in May 2003 has 200,000,000 users, Twitter launched 15 July 2006 has 93,800,000 users and Instagram which only launched in October 2010 even has 150,000,000 users!

So perhaps the advice for us all is to move away from our computers, even if only for part of the day.

- Ellie our Intern, researched and reported these statistics on 3 July 2014 from the sources shown -