Ultimate Customer Journey

Ultimate Customer Journey

One of the most important elements in customer experience is what we define as the Customer Journey. This is the end to end experience from the first moment of engagement to the point of lifelong advocacy where the customer is so engaged and loyal they perceive no need to go anywhere else for product or service.

Defining your customers’ journeys is vital to ensure best fit of your service provision with their needs and desires.

If you are seeking a real world example that encapsulates not only the initial promise but through the real world experience, then fly into Copenhagen airport and navigate with ease, to and from the centre of the city.

Before travelling you can navigate to your chosen App Store and search for the Copenhagen Metro Mobilbilletter app. This is your passport from airport, to, around and back from the city.

Step by step from Arrivals lounge to the clean and airy Metro platform you are guided by the clearest signs and through tempting food halls and cafes en route.

Arriving at the platform it is likely you will have already opened the app which automatically locates your device by GPS and begins the zone pricing options as your departure station. Select a destination by name if you know it, or by clicking on a map roughly in the direction you want. If you know the name of your hotel or destination the app not only automatically buys the correct ticket and advises the best route but also gives you a short guide for your onward journey of the time and distance you will need to walk at the other end.

All very helpful and stress-free until you add in the timing of the arrival of the next driverless train, which arrives at your platform to the second. There is no waiting for late arrival or delayed journeys, you know exactly at what time you will arrive. This customer journey keeps getting better.

It does more than it claims when you consider how clean, airy and full of space the train carriages are. No graffiti, stains or litter, this is clarity of purpose and precision of delivery.

So how can you take this example of a real world customer journey into helping you improve the service you provide to your customers?

Plot the Basics - begin by drawing the end to end customer journey, but first consider just the basics. Think of all the very simple things that provide the minimal, base level of service that your customers require.

Add Value - add in at various steps some real added-value elements that provide more of a ‘Wow!’ Factor and make your customers sit up, notice and feel impressed.

Wrap Around Service - throughout the journey include a wrapper of service excellence. Brief all staff throughout the organisation that they all have a part to play in delighting the customer and empower them to do so. If you have a driver-less train, make sure your computer is well programmed! Your people are one of your unique sales propositions (USPs) if you use them wisely.

You will know when you have your Customer Journey just right, not because you feel it is, but because your customers tell you it is. If nobody is advocating how great you are then there is more to be done. If you cannot see the customer experience you provide as an end to end, integrated Customer Journey, then there is more to be done. If you cannot measure, to a granular level of detail, everything you do in your customer communications, then there is more to be done.

Customer Journeys that are shared and written about are the ones that are working. Well done and thank you Copenhagen for allowing me to become another of your admirers and advocates.