Top Tips For Becoming A Digital Extrovert

Top Tips For Becoming A Digital Extrovert

Being an extrovert using digital communications such as social networking is not about making noise for the sake of noise. It’s not about being all me, me, me and it’s not about being omnipresent across every single medium. In fact, contrary to popular belief the term extrovert is defined as someone who takes and gives energy from the interaction with others. The converse is the introvert who is happy to self-power their life.

So with this new-found definition there is an opportunity to shape your digital activity to position yourself as current, relevant and informed in the eyes of those with whom you wish to engage. Appropriate and relevant dialogue is the name of the game for the digital extrovert, the person who you first think of when it comes to asking advice and sharing knowledge and information.

The digital extrovert balances their conversations (and notice these are conversations rather than monologues) by sharing information about themselves, by signposting others to things they found interesting in their online travels, and of course using the rule of thirds they overtly share, as the final third, value messages about their products and services.

For the digital extrovert it’s fine overtly promoting their products and services because this is acceptable and expected by their audience as they have already engaged with valuable insight and objective information that has enhanced both their relationships but their audiences’ lives, both professional and personal.

It is never about me, me, me and it’s not about copy and paste. The best digital extroverts take that little extra time to fine tune the messages they share through the various social networks because they understand that whilst the core of the message might be the same, their target audience is either different in each social network or the same but in a different frame of mind when they use each. Take for example Facebook versus Linkedin. It may be that a target audience is using Facebook for personal networking and Linkedin for professional. However this is a sweeping assumption and becoming less relevant by the day.

Far better to really look into your social networks and understand exactly how each group of target audiences is using the network, when, how and why. This insight by group of targets helps the digital extrovert to build and use a clear mental picture of the personas they are talking to in each network and then fine tune the message to them accordingly. One size doesn’t fit all. The most successful social networkers are very in tune with the subtle dynamics of their social media, using digital dashboards like SocialReport or SproutSocial to gauge not only connections and their activities but down to fine detail like their interests, their second tier of connections and time of day preferences.

By responding on the terms of the people you are trying to influence and engage with you become socially extrovert, getting what you give on the basis that you reap what you sow and ending sentences and statements with an inviting question mark rather than a full stop. The theory is simple, the practice is just that… by practicing.

Top Tips:

• Remember it’s Research as well as Promotion
• Plot Customer Journeys for Priority Personas
• Align Activity with Strategic Goals
• Balance Awareness, Conversion, Retention
• Start Writing Relevant Content
• Remember to be Current, Relevant, Informed
• Schedule Regular Time to Publish and to Measure
• Think Conversations not Monologues
• Fine Tune and Re-prioritise
• Share the Success of your Digital Extroversion

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