Top Ten Thoughts for Boosting International Business Online

Top Ten Thoughts for Boosting International Business Online

The following important thoughts will help you prepare and deliver effective online activity to help boost your business:

Do you have the experience yourself or will you need to commission the services of others to help you plan and deliver your digital and social networking activity?

Your website and social networking will be open for business 24/7, 365 days a year. How do you serve customers and earn revenue whilst you sleep? How will you accommodate countries who may be operating in a different working week?

Are you considering the right social networks? They might not be just Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Do you have the back-office capability to support customers on their terms and in their language?

Can you provide customer support and service in different countries where you might not have a physical presence? Will your delivery and service promises online match the real world expectations of your customers?

Do you have to develop variants of your products and services to satisfy local needs in the countries you are targeting? Not only products and services but your website and digital marketing activity too.

Is your online pricing strategy relevant to the country you are entering? How will online legislation, regulations and tax affect your approach to your markets?

Can you promote and market online in English alone? The style, content and context of your website and social media activity should be relevant to the customers in the markets you are targeting.

How will you decide which countries and market sectors are most attractive to prioritise first? How will you balance short term financial objectives to longer term strategic goals?

Are you able and willing to take the slow burn strategic approach to your digital activity or do you need and wish to achieve fast track, short term results?

How will you know when you have achieved your goals? An effective digital and social media plan will ensure you are measuring the right things to both grow your business through online marketing and provide the highest level of service to your international customers.

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