The Challenge of Export Marketing

The Challenge of Export Marketing

The biggest challenge in creating a profitable stream of new business overseas is to be able to match what you want to say and market with what the target customer, distributor or end user wants to hear.

The matching of proposition (your message) with the position (what they want to hear) is crucial to make and retain the most profitable contacts in export markets.

The two most important objectives are likely to be establishing a differentiation against the competition and also working out the pricing and costs to ensure you are able to both make a profit yourself as well as giving margin to your distributor.

With those objectives in mind you will need to go through a process of capturing intelligence about your new target marketplace or country and matching that against the messages and tools most appropriate for sharing your communications with your target customers:

Researching for Intelligence

  • Create target audience personas to ensure you fully understand the things your customers need
  • Develop an understanding of the subtle cultural and local conditions that will affect how you market
  • Research the most appropriate tools and sales and marketing channels from traditional to digital
  • Establish if there are key influencers already active in the sector or community you are trying to enter
  • Find and understand the strategies of the most active and dominant competitors already in the market
  • Research and confirm the required regulations and licensing needed

Creating the Response

  • Develop landing pages and areas of your website specific to the personas in your new countries
  • Produce translations, revisions to packaging and product and service variations as appropriate
  • Plot the customer journey for each persona taking them from initial awareness through sale to ongoing retention
  • Adapt your marketing and communication tools to the needs of the target personas to fufil their journeys
  • Produce balanced and engaging content specific for each persona that positions you as current, relevant and informed
  • Utilise the rule of thirds for ongoing engagemement: personal, point, promote
  • Continually measure and monitor all engagement, conversations, opportunities and outcomes for continuous improvement

The fine balance between positioning and proposition is key to successful overseas business development.