The Best Time for Social Networking?

The Best Time for Social Networking?

They say in comedy that timing is everything and it appears for successful social networking the same is very true. Back in the dawn of web 2.0 (social media, to you and me) if you were actively posting about what you were up to and your thoughts on every subject under the sun then all was well and you thought of yourself as a digitally social being.

Those days have long since passed and the word on digital street now is that less is most definitely more. With the background noise on social networks reaching unprecedented levels you could be mistaken for thinking you have to be omnipresent and trying to shout louder than the next digital extrovert. But this isn’t actually true.

The art of effective social networking is now about cutting through the noise with carefully worded and carefully timed communication. Notice that I didn’t just say ‘tweets’ and I didn’t say ‘status updates’. It’s more than this. Social networking is now about words, images and video. The full mix of media. But that’s a broader topic for another day.

Here we are simply talking about timing. Whatever your choice of media or social network there will be certain times of the day and days of the week when your target connections, friends, peers and followers are awake and ready to engage. You need to find this optimum time. Or it could be times, because there will probably be some peaks and troughs as you look through the statistics of your social week.

So where do these helpful statistics hide? Well there are numerous digital dashboards, each claiming to be more comprehensive than the next. Some are complex and some are very simple. As a starting point I use Social Report. Simple login process, easy to set up and does what it says on the tin. The best bit is that not only will it provide a snapshot of evidence of the peaks and troughs of when your audience should be most receptive but it also gives you a glimpse of their collective interests and hobbies. When we say to engage emotionally as well as professionally, what better balance to strike than to fire up a conversation or signpost a link to their collective passions.

Do your research, work out your best timing and then set to work to provide quality engagement through social media. And if you find that the ideal time is inconvenient to you then you can always use something like Hootsuite to schedule in some automated social media posting, just to get the conversations started.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.