The Power of Words

The Power of Words

​Words equal thoughts equal feelings equal outcomes.

There’s a powerful equation to get you thinking about the importance of using the right type of language when communicating with both yourself and with others.

I noticed on two adjacent Twitter feeds today that one was overtly upbeat and one overtly downbeat. They are very different industries and subjects: upbeat, spiritual; downbeat, economics. Some examples of downbeat included plunging, procrastination, costs, crisis, downsides, overly. In the upbeat list I could see tweets containing words such as confidence, vision, now, gains, receive, willing.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out how much better the perception of the upbeat list is towards contributing to a more focused, positive and clear mind. The downbeat list, grumbling along in a deep pool of misery, only inspires the same.

In many ways both lists were reporting on the day’s events but it was the power of the evocative adjectives that gave a sense of the mindsets of the authors.

So for the rest of today, think about the words you use when you talk to others and yourself. Remember the school rule… Don’t Run! which inspired students to run? Today try Please Walk!